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Registration for Summer 2024 is NOW OPEN
Registration will open on April 12th, 2024 
Registration is exclusively online! 
Are you a leader aged 12 or 13? 
Please fill out our LIT application to register. 
For a description of our LIT program, click here
Please visit our Dates & Fees page to learn more! 
Pre-paid Registrations Earn a 10% Discount!
Registration forms must be submitted by May 17th, 2024 to earn a discount.

Payment Methods: 

1). Cheques payable to Winnipeg Beach Day Camp 

2). Onsite (Cheque, Credit Card, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Wallet Pay)

3). E-transfer to 

4). Online (Credit Card, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Wallet Pay) 


10-Day Passes  

A limited number of 10-day passes are available.  The price is $300. This pass can be used for multiple children throughout the summer.

Cancellation Policy: 

You may cancel your camper's registration with at least 24 hours' notice and receive a full refund.

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