“The sports are amazing! I like the special events, like movie night in the park. The counselors are really nice!”
                                                                       Nathan           Age 8
“You can play dodgeball, soccer, football and tennis. I love all the sports and the counselors are a lot of fun.”
                                                                        Lev                  Age 10
“Spirit Week and Olympic Week are the best! I can’t wait for this summer!”
                                                                        Simon             Age 9
“I love decorating my bike for the Bike Parade and having everyone come to watch us ride!”
                                                                        Annie              Age 8
“I love making necklaces and bracelets and going swimming. I like doing races and games.”
                                                                        Naomi             Age 5
“I look forward to Day Camp every summer because I know we’ll be going to the Alpaca Ranch and I’ll get to spend time with Farmer T and all her animals.”
                                                                        Maia                Age 10


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